Fighters in the Blood written by Air Marshall ‘Black’ Robertson and published by Air World Books £25.00 – Hardback – Pages 284

This book is the fascinating story about one who is a Spitfire pilot who is shot down and blinded in one eye and his son who also flies as a fighter pilot and reaches the position on Air Marshal. Their two lives are interwoven and cleverly told. This story is not just about a father-son relationship through flying, it’s also about teamwork, comradery, training and working alongside the good and the great. Although they were both being trained with an ultimate goal in the end, one of them would not be able to fulfil their goal. This book is definitely for those who want to learn about the RAF, leadership and character in an excellent written story about two fine men.

This was a really enjoyable book to read, the book is told in two voices obviously the father and the son, but I loved how it was written in two distinct ways, where you didn’t have any confusion but two well-presented stories and viewpoints. The book is very easy to read and has a nice, relaxed style to entice the reader in. It was fascinating to read the parallels of the two men’s lives even though they are spread apart by a number of years, and having said that it was remarkable the difference between the two. But then the RAF has to follow that same structure and discipline in order to achieve its goal. The photographs used in this book are beautiful and clearly family or personal photographs, which really do help the story. I can see this book appealing to many people certainly those with an interest in the RAF, but also those who like to read about a father and son relationship. A very enjoyable book to read earning 4.5 stars.