Fighter Aces of the Great War written by Stephen Wynn & Tanya Wynn and published by Pen and Sword Books.

I went into this book thinking it would be a various biographies on those significant pilots in the Great War, but I was wrong it was much more than that. You pick up this book and your soon learning about the different countries that used aerial warfare, how they became pilots, what constituted getting a victory and in some cases it was harder than others or what seemed impossible. We also learn about training and in reality what little of it there was, life expectancy and the aircraft used in the aerial combat. In a way it shows how aerial combat was a bit hit and miss but then flying and combat had really only been going roughly ten years.

Although this is only a small book at 170 pages, it not a frivolous book or something that has been done seriously. In my opinion this book is detailed but to the point. But I actually like this about the book and which is why I really enjoy the work of the author Stephen Wynn, I have read a number of his book and they are always informative and entertaining. So often you can read books, especially on history which become boring and mechanical, but in my opinion when you have a good Stephen Wynn book you get a good well written book. Aerial warfare in the Great War has never really been a subject that I have covered before but I really enjoyed this book and I would heartedly recommend it to others.