Espionage in the Divided Stuart Dynasty

Espionage in the Divided Stuart Dynasty 1685-1715 written by Julian Whitehead and published by Pen and Sword Books – £25.00 – Hardback – Pages 230

King James II was the Catholic king of a Protestant country, but he had inherited a secure crown and was able to put down the rebellion by his nephew the Duke of Monmouth. In just over three years James had been deserted by those he loved and trusted and had to flee to France in exile. For James it was a personal tragedy of King Lear proportions; for most of his subjects it was a Glorious Revolution that saved his kingdom from Popery. A book about government intelligence during an unstable period of time.

The Stuart times was a period of religious upheaval in history, so no wonder this saw a period dominated by spies and espionage amongst the major players of the time. This book shows a good analytical survey of the subject and has been very well and thoughtfully written by the author Julian Whitehead. The book is also written in a style where the author presumes the reader knows the basics about the characters and people involved, rather than giving basic introductions to the story. This is a fascinating story and I would say it would be a must for all fans of the Stuart family and dynasty, if you are a new learner give it a read but get to know the major players first, which will help. We well written book and would definitely come with a five start rating.

Ben Davidson

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