Empty Sky written by Colin Higgs and Bruce Vigar and published by Air World Books – £30.00 – Hardback – Pages 344.

I’ve been saving this book for close to Remembrance Day on the 11th, mainly because I find this day important as I run a youth group called Fishguard Navigators, part of a national organisation. I believe remembering these great men and women is important and something we need to all do young and all. Empty Sky looks at a number of men and one woman who served in the RAF during the Battle of Britain. We read about the brave young men who flew sorties, dogfights, camaraderie and rather than becoming a team, becoming a family of pilots. A few of these men in this book are no longer with us sadly, but this book of a series of interviews tells the beautiful of young men and women fighting against a common enemy.

I have in the past year or certainly the last few months read a number of books that look at the men involved in the Battle of Britain, a vitally important event in British history. Where do I see this book? Well in my opinion this is one of the better books I have read on this particular subject, now it’s similar to some of the others in that it retelling of interviews with a group of decent, brave men. Some of the people in the book I had heard of before, but they are all great stories. A really good read and one I enjoyed a lot but then I would find it strange if you didn’t. Certainly all these books should be written to capture a moment in time involving some really important people who participated in an important event. An excellent 5 star rating.