Elizabeth I written by Laura Brennan and published by Pen and Sword. Hardback – £19.99 – 168 Pages.

This is a book about Elizabeth I, one of the most popular heads of state during the Tudor times, is about her life growing up and her ability of dealing with issues during her time as queen and the effects afterwards. This is not about Elizabeth’s life, which I think some people might mistake it for. The book is divided into two halves and is split between Elizabeth’s life as the princess and the queen. Each section is then split into separate chapters which then each look at different troubles, events and happenings and how she dealt with them. Some were close to home and needed greater influence from Elizabeth and some might have seen some influence from Elizabeth. For example the chapters look at such events as The Babbington Plot, the Spanish Armada, The Abdication of Mary Queen of Scots and the Wyatt Rebellion. It was actually more enjoyable to learn more about the various events and what Elizabeth’s effect was on, and it helped tie things together that I had learnt about Elizabeth reign.

This book was very good and clear. It also served the purpose of revealing the events to the reader and how they tie in with Elizabeth, but the problem for me with the book was that each chapter was quite short as it’s only a small book. But the book couldn’t get into as much depth and thought as you would like. I would also think that a good majority of people might buy the book thinking it was solely about Elizabeth, which it is not. I would recommend this book but only if you wanted an introduction to the events of the day, but not if you wanted to learn more in-depth about Elizabeth.