Dunkirk Evacuation – Operation Dynamo written by John Grehan and Alexander Nicoll and published by Pen and Sword Books.

The evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940 has to go down in history as one of the most courageous and heroic efforts achieved in history. When you think of the circumstances and had Germany tried to push through on to the coast, history could have been so very much different. The actions of so many willing to just charge in and adapt to the cause or what was needed to be done to get the job done is phenomenal. You have such small boats being used to sail across the channel, and not only then to make it intact but to then make it back across safely crammed to the brim with soldiers and men from the British army. In a way this is a ‘Boy’s Own’ story of great bravery in such demanding circumstances. But it was not just small boat owners that were doing their bit, there were vessels such as paddle steamers and former minesweepers recommissioned to do totally different jobs from what they were made for. All the while being attacked by the German Luftwaffe from the air. This event in history can both be seen as defeat and a victory, defeat as in the British and allies suffered so much and lost lots of ground, support and equipment. But also victorious in that the British managed to get so many soldiers back to Britain under such trying conditions.

This story is a magnificent story and it is very well explained and presented in this book, together with the fantastic array of photographs I would go so far as to say the quality of the photos make this one of the premier books in this brilliant series. The photos of all the kit and machinery that ended up being left behind and used to build makeshift piers and pontoons is staggering. The authors have done a fantastic job on this book and have certainly done it justice. I would fully recommend this book ad go as far as giving it a very impressive 5 stars out of 5.