Death March into Russia written by Klaus Willmann and published by Greenhill Books.

Now here we have a story about the war between Germany and Russia during WW2, so you can bank on it not being a happy with lots of joyful part to it. This is the story of Lothar Herrmann who was under conscription to the German army this is story of being captured and imprisoned while in Romania. All the harshness he has to deal with including being badly treated, lack of food and clothing and basically just being down trodden. But from what is hugely depressing and poor time in his life, it amazing how this man deals with life and manages to see the hope and light in staying very much alive.

The story is very beautifully written and I thought had great detail, and for him to be so hopeful and cheerful in dark times is astounding. The book is easy to read, it doesn’t go into huge detail but then doesn’t also become too light. It is a harsh story and very good to read from a point of view I hadn’t actually read about before. I would recommend this book any other reader.