Commando written by John Durnford-Slater and published by Greenhill Books £13.99 – Softcover – Pages 217

This is a reprinted book by Greenhill Books, which tells the stories of the No.3 Commando unit and how it came about and how it participated in a number of raids and missions from Norway throughout the war and to the D-Day Landings. This book was first published in the 1950’s, it was an exciting book then and it’s still an exciting book now after all these years. In fact it’s very reminiscent of the old Commando comics of years gone by. Written by John Durnford-Slater, this is his first-hand account of the creation, development of the unit where we have a unique in-sight in to its missions and raids.

A couple of good things that stand out in this book is the great telling of the stories and adventures the unit went through considering everything was new. But the other good thing to come out of it is the comradery, team-work and respect not just between the officers in the unit but right down to the ordinary. This unity I would say is why the unit did so well and forged a positive way for it to work in future years and the commando’s to become such a successful unit. This was a thoroughly good read, and written well as I don’t normally prefer these types of book when they’re written by the person in charge. A book I would definitely recommend, a good blast from the past.