City of London at War 1939-1945 written by Stephen Wynn and published by Pen and Sword Books.

This is another book from my favourite series published by Pen and Sword Books, mainly because I love local history and we always learn lots of local aspects of life from around the country in these books in this series. The City of London book is one that I really looked forward to reading as obviously the war affected London the most during WW2.

This book focuses a lot on the buildings and infrastructure in the City of London and how the war affected the area. The City of London is not a large area generally, but the impact of the War had a huge effect not only on the physical places but also the people. Like the other books in the series the book works through the chapters year by year in which we learn a lot of local history and aspects of life then.

In this book near the back is also a chapter on St Bart’s hospital, the Tower of London, London regiments and a page of sources. This is a very good book indeed and a pleasure to read as it is very well researched and written by the author Stephen Wynn, I book I most definitely recommend to others.