Churchill and Stalin – Comrades in Arms During the Second World War written by Martin Foley, Geoffrey Roberts and Oleg Rzheshevsky and published by Pen and Sword Books.

This is obviously by the title a look at the relationship between Churchill and Stalin, but it’s not just an ordinary look at a relationship, this book very much looks at the relationship via the medium of agreements, correspondence and compromises during WW2. Obviously Russia and Britain were close allies and they had a number of meetings and negotiated agreements such as Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam, well this clearly all needed debate and compromise and in this book the authors go through a large number of these. Which was very informative and interesting although I must admit it all got a bit heavy in places and I would say that this book was more intended for those who like negotiations and compromise or those with a love political relationships. I would say that it was an excellent idea to have the three authors write this book together because I imagine it took an awful lot of research and reading to get through it all, but this comes out in the writing because the book is very well written, the research clearly comes through. Also with all the access to primary resources they must have had, this book is of high quality and should stand the test of time for a long while. There is an excellent list of maps in the book and a brilliant section of notes, which I think if you were a politics student you would find fascinating. Whilst I am not going to say this was my favourite book, I am going to say that I would recommend it to others especially those specialising in politics and international cooperation.