Britain’s Railways in the Second World War written by Michael Foley and published by Pen and Sword Books – £25.00 – Hardback – Pages 240

This book tell you’re the story of the railway system, the companies and the various stations too during the Second World War. A fascinating book full of lots of stories and reminisces, it looks at how the railways were used to help the military in transporting men and equipment around the country for the war effort. The book also contains some pieces on the evacuation of the children from the big towns out to the countryside and also the help provided for the Dunkirk effort. Even the prime minister at the end of the year was proud of how the railway system kept the country alive and working well in the fighting for the cause.

The book is excellent and very intriguing, telling the story of the railway system and its adventures throughout the journey of the war. At first it talks very much about the military aspect of things and the demands put upon it to help out other industries. The book then takes a look year by year in each chapter filled with stories from local people and employees at the time. Having not been a great lover of transport books until recently, I have read this book and a book about the bus service through the 20th century. It has opened my eyes to another avenue of history which I find quite interesting and intriguing, it’s actually the ‘new history’ and social side of transport I find really interesting. For me I found it a well written book as a beginner and the amount of photographs very good, I also enjoyed the cover design very much as it seemed very much of the time. A really good book especially for those looking to get into transport history.