Bridgnorth in the Great War written by Christopher Owen and published by Pen and Sword Books.

In this book it really does focus on the brave boys and men from the Bridgnorth area who went off to war, this particular book in the series really does focus on the connection between its boys and men and the actual events of the war. In a way this makes the book more personal or certainly makes you feel more connected to the war front, this is done by a lot of newspaper and journal type reports of ‘officer A was killed in action at Battle A’ or you get the lists of the men who have joined up from the various villages in the area.

It wasn’t a big book to read, at only 137 pages. So it was a short read but it feels an important read, after all this is a book talking about the men of one small area giving their lives by going to war for their country. When you think how many young men gave their lives in all the villages and towns of this country, there is a huge respect for these men and how we owe them a great debt in remembering them. What also appears in this book is some fantastic local pictures, which are excellent and bring a lot to the book. An excellent addition to the series and certainly worth a recommendation to anyone.

By Ben Davidson

Hello, I have been studying all aspects of history for about 25 years. I have a BA History from the University of Bedfordshire. My historical areas of interest are anything really, but I specialise in 19th - 20th century Britain, America and Ireland. I am also strongly aligned with most military history, really enjoying WW2 and the US Civil War. Chuck in the king or queen and Bob's your uncle.