10/07/2020 – I thought I would use this blog post to talk about the Titanic, a subject I have recently read about called Titanic and the City of Widows Left Behind written by @Juliecook and published by @PenandSwordBooks Reading this excellent book brings home the enormity of an event even when it was 100+ years later, it becomes even more stark. For such a well written book it has turned out to be one of our most popular pages on the website. When you read this particular book there is a table at the beginning of the book which list all those that died, what job they did and how old they were. The sheer size of the information in the table strikes home at how many lives were lost, especially the amount of ‘third class people’.

21/06/2020 – I’ve been thinking about how we record our lives this morning, when I’m reading a book, I love the ones that have diary extracts in them from normal everyday people. Why? well usually your getting an everyday record of life, and if it’s from and average person your getting a snapshot of social history. Now many years ago diaries used to be a popular thing to have, especially amongst monks, people who tended to academic type jobs or women. But I often read many books about military and war, and many of these books have extracts from diaries written by soldiers during battle or even stuck in their trenches. So it would seem quite a few people can keep diaries in all sorts of circumstances.

But why? you might ask. Well I’m also a big fan of social history, how everyday life runs and feels, about what people today feel and what are their experiences and feelings about how life treats them. Especially in recent months when the world has been experiencing a pandemic, how have people felt, what have they thought, how have they felt about how society has treated them? I think that in the future people will appreciate how we reacted to a pandemic because it has been such a big event. I mean look at how China has dealt with it, or the USA or event the UK. Surely what people think will shape how we do things in the future if the event happens again. I’m thinking if we made it compulsory to keep a diary it would help future generations, even if it was just a couple of short paragraphs.