UKHistorian Blog for April 2021

5 Books I’ve read in the past month

Outlaws of the Wild West written by Terry C. Treadwell – One of the best books that I have read in a while, partly because this is my favourite century to read about in history, This is an excellent book in that each chapter looks at an individual outlaw from the American West, and the book looks at all the well-known outlaws in life long detail, from birth to death often from the end of the barrel of a gun.

CodeBreaker Girls: A Secret Life at Bletchley Park written by Jan Slimming – A really good book and very well written, the detail is excellent and it’s almost like reading a fiction book. It looks at the everyday life of these women and how they helped the course of the war. A great book for a fascinating place in reality.

Images of War – Hitler’s Death Camps in Occupied Poland written by Ian Baxter – A book that isn’t easy to read due to what happened but a book everyone should be made to read. A fascinating book that looks both at depravity and ‘normality’. The photos and what we see and how the German guards behave are is if they don’t have a care in the world. It’s almost as if they are running a holiday camp except there is no Hi-De-Ho at all for the campers.

In the Hell of the Eastern Front written by Arno Sauer – This book is more of a representation as I have read an increasing number of these witness account type books about soldiers fighting on the Eastern Front on both sides of the war. The conditions were harsh and the stories of harsh but it is still good to read about a part of the war that saw little light in the past.

Air Transport Auxiliary at War 80th Anniversary written by Stephen Wynn – One of the good things about reading history is that you are always learning something new which is what happened with this book. An excellent book about an excellent service that has received little attention in the past, but it was a vital service. These were the guys and gals that would transport planes around the country to where they were needed during the war.

Website Owner: Ben Davidson
Website Owner: Ben Davidson

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