Battleground Series Verdun 1917 – The French Hit Back written by Christina Holstein published by Pen & Sword Books – £16.99 – Softcover – Pages 268.

This to me and I can say this about most of the other books I have read in this range, this book is a supreme book of information. If you want to go on a battlefield tour, this book will basically do it all for you other than walk you around in person and whisper in your ear. I sat and tried to think what else I would like from these books, and I couldn’t really think of anything within reason. Basically reading this book you are getting information, pictures, maps, tactics, charts, old photos, new photos and more. You even get further reading books and weblinks to help you gain more information about the battle and the area.

This book will tell you all about the battle at Verdun, the lead up, the actual battle, the aftermath and the connotations of the event on both sides. The book then takes you on 4 tours of the battlefield, all very good reading and I can only think would be further improved by being there in person.This book is obviously aimed at those that enjoy visiting battlefield tours, but I would say that it also appeals to the newbie, the regular WWI fan and the in-depth professional. There is literally something valuable for everyone whatever your knowledge. A very fine 5 star rating, everyone get out and buy it if you want to learn good concrete information.