Battle in the Baltic written by Steve Dunn and published by Seaforth Books.

Right I have to admit from the start my knowledge of the Navy and ocean going history should be a lot better than it is. So when I received this book to review I was wholeheartedly looking forward to it and having a good read. After WWI the Royal Navy found itself still having to fight has it was having to let’s say ‘help sort out the Baltic’, namely Estonia and Latvia. What a pot of trouble this turned out to be with Royal Navy having to face multiple threats, also the conditions the RN crew had to put up with weren’t exactly to standard. Eventually due to the expertise of Rear Admiral Cowan the Bolsheviks were neutralised and held at bay. In the campaign over 200 British vessels had to be used and over 120 servicemen lost their lives.

This was an excellent book, very clear, precise and very well written by the author Steve Dunn who has written several naval books. What made this book good was that it was very readable for a beginner or for someone who had good knowledge of the subject. I found it astounding that this was a little written about subject and I do think it needs delving into more. I found this book a very good read and easy to get into, I would be happy to give it a 4 star rating.