Artillery Warfare 1939-1945 written by Simon and Jonathan Forty and published by Pen and Sword Books – £25.00 – Hardback – Pages 224

It was said that artillery won the war for the allies in World War Two and when you’ve read this book it could easily help a small country at war. The authors Simon and Jonathan Forty in this book really stress the importance of artillery on every front, they analyse how artillery equipment, training and tactical techniques developed during the conflict. This highly illustrated book has a selection of wartime photographs and diagrams give a good graphic illustration how the war was won.

I have read Tank Warfare by the same authors just a couple of month again, that book was a really fantastic book and I learnt a lot from it, so my hopes for this book were high. This book is split up into chapters such as Field Artillery, Self-Propelled, Anti-Tank, Anti-Aircraft, Big Guns, Rockets and Ammunition. Each chapter looking at how it worked, how to get the best out of it and what damage it could do for you, supported by some great photographs. The book also has a great glossary and notes section found at the front and back of the book. I said I was hoping for a good read and I can certainly say this is fantastic book, almost like a how to manual. It reminded me of a good Images of War book but that might be because of the great photographs but it’s combined with great information too written by the authors.