I would like to start by saying BIG thank you to everyone at Pen & Sword Books based here in the UK, who ask me to regularly review some of their books for them. I love doing this as an insomniac being able to fill that time by reading first class history books, you couldn’t get better than that. I wholeheartedly recommend Pen & Sword Books who publish excellent book on all subjects but especially history. Check them out at

So what’s it all about then? Well, being and avid fan of all things history I’ve decided to share everything I love about history. Hopefully It will connect with others and they enjoy it too. There are a number of big aspects to the site such as I review non-fiction history books for the lovely Rosie at Pen and Sword Books, I want to promote the stuff I have enjoyed and learnt from history and plan to keep expanding the website. I would like to eventually turn the site into an ‘all in one’ type site where you can get/read about all aspects of history from books to films and more. So finally enough about me please feel free to read the website and sign up to our newsletter where I can keep you up to date.

I am a one man band and if you like what you see or would like to support me, please feel free to buy our recommended books from Pen and Sword Books. Basically, any money I can earn goes into the website so I will be thankful to you. I also have a Patreon account, currently as we are going through a pandemic, I have no current work or job, whilst I would like to do this full time, I can only do this if people can help me through Patreon, so if you can spare as little as a £1 per month I would be eternally greatful.

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