A Transport Journey in Colour – Street Scenes of the British Isles 1949-1969 written by Martin Jenkins and Kevin McCormack and published by Pen and Sword Books – £25.00 – Hardback – Pages 180

This book takes the reader on a nostalgic look throughout the British Isles between 1949 & 1969 in that this book look at a large variety of street scenes throughout Britain concentrating mainly on buses, trams and trolley buses. In this book it is full of beautifully coloured pictures of yesteryear providing an excellent throwback to the mid-20th century.

I must admit that I probably didn’t read the title of this book properly, as I went through his book I presumed it was looking at the old-style buses and trams of yesteryear. This was because usually a bus took centre stage in practically every photo, with the majority of pictures from towns in northern England. I should say at this point that I thoroughly enjoyed the book as each photo gave you a snapshot of time to enjoy some fascinating vehicles, and images of people, fashion, shop fronts, buildings and advertisements. An excellent thumbs up to social history and a look at the particular time in history. Some of the shops now long gone and old advertisements on the side of buses that I hadn’t seen for years, it really did show how much we relied on public transport back then by the number of people using them in the pictures. Now, this isn’t my usual book to read but what a thoroughly good book to read, I really enjoyed this and maybe I enjoyed it also because my grandad used to be a coach driver too. A highly recommended read for all.