A History of Death in 17th Century England

A History of Death in the 17th Century England written by Ben Norman and published by Pen and Sword Books £14.99 – Softcover – Pages 208

This book about death in the 1600’s separates all the different types of death into sections or chapters such as Natural, Soldierly, Criminal, Deathbed, along with Royal deaths, Remembrance deaths, common and noble deaths and it finally looks at funerals and coffins etc. But we all need to remember although we currently live in a period of a pandemic, death was quite a regular occurrence in the 17th century than it was today. In this book the author goes into great detail about the types of death and how people understood it and dealt with it. Although this book could be a very academic book it’s not, and hits the middle of the road really to help every reader.

Certainly a very interesting book indeed, it’s not too deep and macabre but then it is a book about death. The book has clearly been written by someone who knows their stuff and it is a well written book, not heavy and not too light. In fact it is very interesting in numerous places. In fact I probably started reading this book thinking it would be a bit more grisly than it was and it actually showed in places how it was around the seventeenth century we started see in the traditions and ways that we have today. There is a very good bibliography at the back of the book with a good number of books on the subject matter, certainly if you want to take your study further. This is very good book written by the author Ben Norman, it was a book well worth reading and one that I would recommend to others interested in the subject matter. Another 5 star book from me.

Ben Davidson

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