Images of War: The Destruction of the 6th Army at Stalingrad written by Ian Baxter and published by Pen and Sword Books.

This was a book that I was looking forward to especially as the German march through Russia was to play such a pivotal event of the war. We already know what happened in the end but Hitler seemed to think that he could take Russia and his eagerness to cross Russia would eventually be his downfall. Primarily because his troops moved to quick in order to gain advantage over the slow Russians, but the German troops began to lose their back up therefore the troops couldn’t get food, supplies and reinforcements when needed. The numbers of dead in this part of the war were particularly high as with all these problems you also had the distance and the weather against them.

This particular book is an excellent book indeed, not only do you have the fantastic array of photographs but you have the top notch writing from the author Ian Baxter, who is a well-known author on this subject. His writing is very good and always supports the photo or item he is writing about with great detail and accuracy. It’s always written about how harsh the weather was on the Eastern Front, the photographs in this book are fantastic in that they show the real harshness and extreme can get to you, the men really do looked utterly exhausted with war and the conditions. And this is the reason why this series is so good, because along with great writing, you get great images. I would thoroughly recommend this book, along with many others in the series.

By Ben Davidson

Hello, I have been studying all aspects of history for about 25 years. I have a BA History from the University of Bedfordshire. My historical areas of interest are anything really, but I specialise in 19th - 20th century Britain, America and Ireland. I am also strongly aligned with most military history, really enjoying WW2 and the US Civil War. Chuck in the king or queen and Bob's your uncle.