1920 – A Year of Global Turmoil written by David Charlwood and published by Pen and Sword Books.

With this review I feel that I should probably apologise first, I for some reason have appeared to forgotten a lot of what has happened in 1920. By reading this excellent book it appears that almost everything has happened in 1920, and sadly it appears to have passed me by. This is a fantastic little book that covers so much information and events of the year going from the League of Nations and the troubles in Ireland right up to the troubles in the Middle East and new front runners for the American presidency. Although there are lots of chapters, they are only going into the real crux of the matter in situations, which is very well written and laid out by the author Charlwood.

I’ve actually learnt a lot from this book and I actually plan to go back and re-read it, so it can all sink in properly. In a year when there were so many hopes for a better future, it is amazingly gripping as it almost predicts or foretells what we are going through in today’s world with various problems. This was an excellent book, well written and thought out but probably not one for those that looking to go in-depth on a particular topic but it certainly would prove to be a good springboard to go on to something further. A very good 4 out 5 stars read.